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Seven Hats has worked with aspiring students and professionals from all walks of life.

Here we share their experience about wearing the Seventh Hat.

Harvard Business School, Class of 2018

Neha is NOT a typical admissions consultant. I can’t stress this enough to prospective B-School applicants. From the very first conversation, she has been an amazing mentor, thought partner, and most importantly a ‘motivator’ through my application journey. Applying to Business School is an extremely grueling process – involving many months of soul searching and personal reflection, countless drafts of essays writing and gearing up for those 30-60 minute interviews that pose the final hurdle to the gates of the dream MBA. Neha’s unique, personalized and structured approach helped me navigate through each step of the process with extreme confidence. With her guidance, I was able to not only articulate my experiences and aspirations in an effective manner but also apply to all my target schools without any last minute panic! Sharing my application journey with Neha has been a great experience and she has undoubtedly played a critical role in my successful admits. Thanks a ton Neha!  I’m heading to my dream school this fall and I look forward to having you as a friend and sounding board even in the years to come.Name Undisclosed, Founding Member of Start-up

Columbia Business School, Class of 2017

I have worked very closely with Neha for the past 6 months and all I have to say that it has been a wonderful experience. Working with Seven Hats is much much more than just an admission application process but it helps build ones future connecting the dots from the past. One of Neha’s exceptional qualities is the passion that she has for her work. Neha is a perfectionist and she helped bring out the best in me. The process is very unique and has made me more aware of my future goals and how I needed to build on my career. The mentoring is very personal and I was given access to a lot of proprietary intellectual content that Neha used to discuss regularly with me. This not only helped me increase my business knowledge but was also critical in helping me ace the interviews. I come from a very technical manufacturing background but Neha took great pain in understanding every minor detail about my company and work so that she could guide me on which programs were best for me. I am still surprised at the dedication and hard-work she put in on my application. I highly recommend seven-hats to anyone who plans on pursuing an MBA from a top business school.Gursimar, Entrepreneur, Family Business in Manufacturing

London Business School, Class of 2018

Working with Neha has been challenging, thought-provoking and finally extremely rewarding. I was pushed to delve deeper into my thoughts and life than I imagined and came out the other side victorious – getting accepted into one of my top choice schools.

Like most people going through the application process, I was pressed for time – juggling family,professional and social commitments – and struggled to complete the initial questionnaires she sent me. Rather than push me to complete them, Neha improvised, replacing her conventional process with several rounds of consultative discussions and the strategy behind my application story emerged.

From this and other experiences it became very clear that Nehas success stemmed not from a standard template or “secret formula” but rather a personalised approach to the application process. This approach of personalisation coupled with structure, timelines and feedback navigated me through my own self-reflection, and helped me effectively connect the dots of my past with my dreams for my future.

I highly recommend Neha to anyone looking to introspect deeply into his or her life and come out the other side with better self-awareness, preparation and consequently a sound, well thought out and balanced application package.Rohan Entrepreneur

Judge School of Business, Cambridge University, Class of 2017

My decision to work with Neha for my MBA applications turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. The process wasn’t just that of a B school application- it was one of great guidance, sound advice and self discovery. Through the questionnaire, and the methods of understanding who I am and what my story is – working with Neha actually made me see how all the dots connected in my professional life. Things that I didn’t know about myself, qualities that I wasn’t aware of came about through the entire process. This self awareness not only helped me prepare a better application, but also become a better professional.

Working with Neha was fantastic – she helped me understand how to portray my professional journey and aspirations in my application – and pushed me to my limit throughout the process. Despite my making the process more difficult for her by not following timelines due to my own busy schedule – Neha was extremely patient and understanding with me – and ensured I was able to complete all my applications in time. The part I enjoyed the most was the interview preparation – an area where Neha probably made the biggest impact for me – the transformation was evident by the time the process reached the end stage – and I was able to secure an admission to a top ranked MBA program.

Lastly, the most important thing for me was – that this wasn’t just another consulting gig for Neha. I wasn’t just another student. Neha takes all of her students applications personally – she remembers everyone’s stories at the back of her hand. She is personally invested in everyone, and this is pretty much the secret to her, and her students success.Rohhan Divvanji, Technology and Entrepreneurship

Kellogg School of Management, Yale School of Management, NYU Stern, Class of 2018

Everybody I spoke to before applying to business school warned me about the application process – “It is so difficult! How are you going to manage working and applying to school at the same time?” I expected sleepless nights, endless amounts of stress and a whole lot of writer’s block. Not with Neha. She went about the process in such a structured and organized fashion, digging deeper and prodding me to think about myself and my experiences in ways I had not before – it was an eye-opening experience, and one I really enjoyed (to even my surprise!)

The icing on the cake is that Neha is also an absolute pleasure to work with. She is so invested in each of her clients and always makes sure she is available to answer any doubts, from essay writing to interview prep, no matter how small. She is passionate, hard working and motivated, and has pushed me to work harder too! I would highly recommend Neha and Seven Hats to anyone that is looking for a smooth, introspective and insightful way to tackle applying to business school.Rebecca, Social Enterprise Management

Kellogg School of Management, Class of 2018

After a few initial discussions with Neha, at which point I had practically discussed my entire life – I said to her that I had no clue what my story was. We immediately proceeded to a white-board and
she started asking me rapid-fire questions. Within minutes, I saw my story unfolding over bullets and arrows as Neha distilled through everything we had ever discussed. Throughout the application process,I doubt that she ever forgot anything we spoke about. The beauty of her approach is that in the end, my application represented who I really was and not a photoshopped fabricated version of me.

Furthermore, she is extremely upbeat and approachable and I felt comfortable asking her the most ridiculous questions. Simultaneously, she was absolutely blunt in giving me hard feedback. A special Seven Hats treat is Coffee Chats with MBA Admission Teams where you not only
ask questions in an informal setting and challenge you to think on your feet. Neha will also connect you with alumni before that crucial interview and ensure you are adequately prepared through
multiple mock interviews. An added bonus is bumping into other Seven Hatters at admission events and keeping in touch with them throughout the application process. It’s been great fun working with you Neha!

Thank you!Ankit, Business Development at Global Conglomerate

Columbia Business School/London Business School Global Executive MBA, Class of 2018

The process of applying to schools can be daunting and emotionally exhausting. But if you work with Neha, it becomes an exciting journey of self exploration- not only will get into an MBA program of your dreams but you also gain clarity on who you are and what you wish to achieve in your career.

Neha takes the time to get to know you, understand you – and isnt bound by the clock. She knows when to coach, stand on the sidelines, or be a pal. Because Neha and I formed a relationship – my application was true to who I was in my own voice. She encourages you to be yourself and helps you craft an engaging story.

Given her professional accomplishments and passion for reading – she shared pertinent articles, quotes, and perspectives which helped me bolster my business acumen during the interview process. She encourages you to dream big and that the seemingly impossible, is possible – I was admitted into an Executive MBA program with 4 years of work experience with the the average being 10 years! Hand on heart, couldn’t have done it without Neha! Thank you!Paankhuri, Business Development at Energy Start-up

Tuck School of Business, Darden School of Business, Class of 2018

Working with Neha through these past few months has been an absolute pleasure. From the initial exercises to putting together the application, she has a highly structured approach and her attention is individualized. Right from day 1, I found myself facing her tough questions and introspecting over my story and goals. As a result, even before I got down to writing the essays I already had my thoughts structured on paper, which made the process so much easier. Through the application process, she paid the same amount of attention to each tiny element as she did to the bigger pieces.  From conversations with Neha, it is easy to see how well she knows top business schools and what they are looking for. She has a flair for this, her insights and critique are invaluable, and she brings out the best in one’s applications. She takes personal interest in candidates’ progress and is genuinely excited by their success!Arushi, Consultant

Columbia Business School, Class of 2018

The Seven Hats process is truly unique and designed in a way to naturally bring about the best in you. I was amazed at the insights and stories I was able to draw upon through the Seven Hats questionnaire. In fact, experiences that I would have otherwise disregarded or considered inconsequential ended up becoming the core thesis of my story. Neha’s method really demystifies the entire application process, while keeping it fun and stress free – and the intimidating essays begin to feel like a piece of cake.


Neha is detailed, decisive and has an extremely personalised approach. Unlike horror stories I’ve heard from friends using other consultants, Neha was extremely prompt with her responses. I don’t remember a single instance where I had to wait for more than 48 hours to receive feedback on essays or replies to emails. What’s even more surprising is Neha’s amazing ability to remember each and every detail of your profile (from work experiences to family background) every time she picks up the phone. Coming from an over represented background, I can confidently say that the focused attention that Neha gives each client really comes through in the quality of the output.


Neha was a fantastic guide through my interview process. I had just 4 short days to prepare, and through repeated mock interviews / role play with Neha – I felt extremely confident to answer any sort of question that could be thrown at me. Neha has a very strong professional network and helps you connect with alumni, current students and even admissions committees through special round table conferences which I found to be extremely helpful to learn more about the schools without visiting them.


I found Neha to be not just a consultant, but also a mentor though the entire process. She is extremely well-read, well-traveled and completely in-tune with the latest technology, news, articles, etc. so you can be sure that she completely understands and appreciates nuances of your professional experience. She inspires you to be on top of your game and works tirelessly to make sure you present the best version of yourself through the application process.


I came out of the 7 hats process truly understanding a lot more about myself and with an admit to my top choice of business school! I would highly recommend Seven Hats to anyone looking to apply to B-School or any professional degree! I can’t imagine going through the process without the 7th hat!Sarvesh, Private Equity Associate

Indian School of Business, Class of 2017

Neha does not follow the typical method of short-listing colleges by making your GMAT the main criteria. She adopts a well0rounded approach where she makes you write about your life and various experiences, thus prompting you to think about what your goals actually are. She then dissects your answers with you in order to make sure that you are clear about what your own story is (she has, by this point, already understood quite a bit about you). Neha follows an applicant-centric process where, along with the application, she focuses a lot on helping her students develop personally and broaden their horizons. One of the best things I liked about working with Neha was her upfront and honest nature. We had shortlisted a few colleges and my entire application strategy was risky on all counts. She had told me that from the start, but never discouraged me from applying to the colleges I wanted to and worked tirelessly to ensure that I have the best application possible to send to the schools.

I am starting B-school this year, and I would not have been able to without Neha’s help and support.

She truly is the best person who could have helped me with my B-school application journey- task oriented, supportive, strict when needed, and always there to help.Gauri, Associate, Financial Services

Cambridge Judge School of Business and Oxford Said School, Class of 2017

Working with Neha has been nothing short of amazing! Considering I  met her with just 2 months before Round 2 Deadlines, Neha’s promptness and readiness to help me was really heartening. The entire process she follows from helping you pick schools to the applications to the interview preparation is extremely thorough and it actually is built in a way to help you better understand both your professional as well as personal goals.
Her superb understanding of the various schools and their culture really guides one to make an informed decision. Her approach to the entire process is very professional, yet it is peppered with her constant personal touch. Overall if I were to redo this process I wouldn’t think twice about working with her. She is the only one that could’ve made my husband and I get an accept into Oxford and Cambridge respectively, with only 2 months in hand, and my Big Fat Indian Wedding, in between.Anvi Shah and Neehar Modi, Family Business, Industrials & Real Estate

Harvard Business School, Class of 2017

 I started the process as a blank sheet of paper, but over a short course of time, Neha helped in connecting the dots to make a structured life-story which can now fill out a book. Working with Neha was eye-opening, insightful and yet there has always been a way of keeping things fun. Seven Hats has been a great bridge in connecting with various alums and admissions teams, as I have always been encouraged to explore various schools and select what which curriculum best suits my personal and professional goals.

Tania, Business Development Manager

Harvard Business School, Class of 2017

Neha is a firm, diligent and caring consultant. After switching to Neha from a previous, very expensive and famous global consultant, I realized how my previous consultant was lacking in professional and personal attributes. Because I was working full time and approaching applications deadline, Neha paid great attention to my situation and accordingly planned for the each item’s delivery. In addition, although she works with other clients, I always felt as if I am the only client because every time we had a call she remembered every bit of my profile and application that I myself had considered trivial or unimportant or just forgot. If that tells me anything, it tells that Neha is very passionate about helping a student, very dedicated and thorough in here assessments. Also I have to mention that her firm, structural and scientific method comes from her background; she is a Upenn and Columbia student !! Therefore if anyone is aspiring to attend top schools, you are definitely with someone who shares the same values!”Abdulaziz, Private Equity Analyst

Wharton, Class of 2017; INSEAD, Class of 2016

Working with Neha was an absolutely fantastic experience.Neha works very differently from other consultants. My greatest challenge in applying to business school was finding “my story”. Neha’s detailed questionnaire helped me articulate my experiences and forced me to think about whom I was and what I wanted to do. She was invaluable in helping me transform my different experiences (some of which I felt was trivial and irrelevant) into a comprehensive story.

Even though I don’t live in India and was not available to work with her during regular office hours, she was available late into the night and on weekends.

Neha is truly invested in her students, has a great work ethic and will push you to achieve your true potential. I would recommend her very strongly to anyone applying to business school or any other program!Mannan, Private Equity Associate

Wharton, Columbia Business School, Class of 2017

I got through two of the best MBA programs and I can’t be more thankful to Neha for making that possible. Neha brings in a lot of expertise and will make you feel that the entire process is a breeze. She has this great ability to bring out the best in you and be able to put the same across creatively.  She will work tirelessly with you to document all the major achievements / experiences (50+ Q’s questionnaire) – this individualistic and personal approach helps bring out the best in the essays.

Very timely and professional feedback keeps you on your toes and makes you work and rework on making your essays better. Neha has a great network in the top business schools and she will connect you with the current students, alumni and even arrange special round table discussions with the admissions committee.Deepak, Venture Capital Analyst

Wharton, Class of 2017

She always gives sufficient time to her candidates during the essay writing as well as interview process.

While working on essays, Neha brings her expertise and knowledge of top tier B-school. She knows top tier B-schools and has a very good idea of what each school is looking for and the very subtle differences among them. We literally started from a clean slate and went through all my professional and personal experiences. She helped me organize my thoughts very clearly based on what the school is looking for. Crystallizing the ideas on which story and experiences will go well with which B-school is an intimidating task and Neha helped me make it much smoother.Rupal, Consultant

Elizabeth Morris Scholar for Strategy and Marketing, NYU Stern School of Business, Class of 2017; Cornell Johnson School of Business, Class of 2017

After meeting with other consultants, I decided to go with Seven Hats because the dedication and devotion that Neha showed toward securing professional success for each of her clients was truly unique. Neha is a very encouraging and supportive mentor. When she talks about helping people realize their goals and ambitions, it’s easy to see that she is a very committed individual and genuinely loves what she does.

She has a gift for seeing the bigger picture, and pushes you to come into your own.Sanjana, Global Derivatives

Chicago Booth, Class of 2017

Working with Neha helped me a lot in organizing and aligning my thought process in the right direction. She really grills you to dig out stories that will not only help you write more thoughtful essays but also help you discover who you are and what do you really want.Aman, Economist

Kellogg, Class of 2017

Working with Seven Hats has been an amazing experience. Beginning with a very unique methodology, backed by witty conversations, Neha brings out the most individualistic yet forgettable past experiences to create a meaningful and individualistic portrait of her mentees. She helped me collate a unique story that I could convey effectively in all MBA applications.Neha, Consultant @ Start-up

London Business School, Class of 2017; ISB, Class of 2016

If there is one piece of advice that I would give aspiring applicants, it would be to approach the Seven Hats application process knowing that you are in good hands. I got accepted into two of my dream schools and had the daunting task of choosing one over the other (undoubtedly the toughest part of my B-School quest). Neha has been a mentor, guide and friend through the entire process, and someone I would highly recommend to attain your educational aspirations.Utkarsh, F&B Director and Manager

Ross, Class of 2017

My experience working with Seven Hats was nothing short of transformational! What impressed me the most was individual attention that Neha gave to learn everything about me. As a re-applicant, I was certainly nervous about getting rejections from schools again. But Neha’s optimism and relentless support, instilled a sense of confidence in me. As a mentor, Neha would challenge me to think and write like a business school candidate. And stay clear of the mistakes that I made in my previous applications! This new approach impacted not only my applications, but also on how I interact with people in my professional life.Abhijit, Global Operations Manager

London Business School Interview Candidate; ESADE Class of 2016

A simple Google search of “How to get into an elite MBA program” gave me more than 15 million results.There is so much information available that one wonders what to start with, what will work, what won’t, etc. That’s where Seven Hats comes in, partnering your journey from evaluating the best MBA program to getting in!

Interacting with Neha has been a fantastic experience. From the questions she asks to know your story, to the tailored mock interviews, I couldn’t have asked for a better coach than Neha to guide me throughout the application process.Vishesh, CEO of start-up

Babson MBA, Class of 2016

Working with Neha and Seven Hats, was more than just consultation for me, it was a journey of transformation!

After having considered counselors over UAE, India and the US, Neha’s enthusiasm of making the person reach their career goals without any hint of compromise just came through. The Seven Hats Model was something that appealed to me a great deal; a very comprehensive process of “finding my story”, “digging out the devil from the details” and “finding the right fit” is just the beginning. Neha will be there throughout to bring out the best in you.Soniya, Director, Family Business Conglomerate

HEC, Paris, Class of 2017

More that helping me grasp a thorough outlook of the business school application process she enabled me to get a wider context for understanding the career options that align with my intrinsic passions and interests. The biggest learning I have had working with her is to always assess the larger impact and contribution of one’s efforts towards the institution/individual that he/she works for.Sritam, Technology (BiG Data) Analyst

Harvard Business School, Class of 2016

Neha does not run by the clock. With Neha, I found that she gave me as much time as I required – our first session stretched to close to four hours. This relaxed setting allowed me to think aloud and dig deep when considering certain interview questions. She is a wonderful thought partner. She gets to know you first and then helps you bring your ideas to the table. For a non-traditional MBA candidate like me, Neha helped me articulate my thinking through a business/leadership lens – a crucial value adds to my interview.Mahima, Director of Family Business in Industrials

Harvard Business School interview Candidate, Class of 2016

Neha is a natural at this – truly! Right from the initial conversations, through the application process to the interview prep,Neha’s ability for insight, assessment, positioning and depth are stellar.

She really pushed me to think deeper and discover my story and in the process discover myself. She helped me polish and add depth to my stories that started off as little uncut diamonds – but eventually came out shining. She really is a true advisor and I am truly grateful for the time she invested in me!Shivika, Consultant and Start-up in Africa

Cambridge Undergraduate, Class of 2018

What I came to Seven Hats in search of was a basic understanding of the structure of interviews, what I left with was an in-depth comprehension of every facet of the interview. Neha delivers on her promise of out of the box thinking. Neha went above and beyond; she gave me ideas for my personal statement, she helped me on parts of my application and as a result, I was accepted by my dream university.Veer, Dubai