Seven Hats has worked with aspiring students and professionals from all walks of life.

Here we share their experience about wearing the Seventh Hat.

Harvard Business School

Thank you so much, Neha for all the guidance and support! While starting my applications, I could not have asked for a stronger coach. Because of the Seven Hats approach, I could carefully reflect upon my background and experiences and stitch them together into an essay that I loved and felt super confident about.

In most of our conversations, Neha amazed me by how much she understood me and my future aspirations. While juggling between multiple versions through my hectic work schedule, Neha had genuinely made the effort to understand my story and I personally feel that made a lot of difference.

Throughout the applications, that can get stressful at many times, Neha had my back and always helped me to anchor on to what was truly important. I felt like I am not alone in this – I have Neha on my team! Yet, In her calm and ‘I have got it all covered’ way – she would be honest in her review and never settle for anything that is less than what she thought my application was capable of. She went out of her way to coach me for the interview, or absolutely any other part of the application as well. Thanks to her, I got an admit to HBS, and I would strongly recommend her to all aspirants.Business Development, Consumer Tech

Harvard Business School

I reached out to Neha after hearing a very positive review from a friend who had worked with her and had been offered a seat in both HBS & Wharton. I spoke to a bunch of consultants and concluded that her approach of systematically trying to understand my story in detail without retro-fitting stereotypical frameworks would work best for me and was lucky to just make it within time as she was about to close registrations for MBA 2020 round 1 application.

Initially, she spent a lot of time understanding me as a person, my journey so far and the factors that molded my perspectives and goals. Her questions and interventions forced me to introspect key career and life decisions, and we laid down all these details into a master document. This was extremely useful in the later stages while addressing the essay questions, recommendations and preparing for interviews. Over the next few months, we brainstormed together on several themes while filling the admission applications. Her insights about how AdComs think and her experience working with candidates with profiles very similar to mine helped me dramatically refine the crude narrative that I had concocted into a compelling story over several iterations. She also organized an exclusive roundtable discussion (just 7 participants including me) with one of the AdCom members from a leading Ivy League school which allowed us to get greater transparency into the process and enabled the school to better understand our candidature.

Throughout the process she was extremely patient and supportive, and an expert at planting themes and ideas that helped me emerge from deadlocks and periods of low productivity. She was very well updated with global business themes that are gaining importance in US B-Schools circuits and encouraged me to read several relevant articles that helped me build a mature and informed perspective towards a lot of such topics. No matter what time of the day it was, she reverted as soon as possible, always in a time frame less than 24 hours, even if I had reached out to her at odd hours. She was truly dedicated to the process and my application and went beyond the norm, often spending hours with me on the phone while helping me refine and edit my essays, even though I had delayed it to the last minute and she was juggling with her personal commitments. I can’t thank Neha enough for all the efforts she has put into mentoring me throughout the process and would recommend anyone applying in the future to strongly consider Seven Hats.

Venture Capital

Harvard Business School, Wharton

I had the good fortune to work with Neha for MBA 2019 applications, and boy is she relentless! I had a superb time working with her, primarily because of the close attention and involvement that my application received. I found that her approach, while involving the same systematic and thoughtful material across candidates, was uniquely tailored to every individual. Neha starts with method and dives deep into your story. For me, the journey from knowing what I wanted to do, to carving out the fine nitty gritties of it was a transformative one, and Neha has immensely contributed to that. Not only did I understand my own thinking more clearly through thought maps and story boards which we jointly built, but Neha pushed me to give feet to my ideas, brainstorm with her, supplement them with quality readings and iterate multiple times. From a processual perspective, her response time of less than 24 hours on most stuff worked beautifully given my own tight schedule in private equity. It might sound simple enough, but she is a true partner in this process – someone who cares as much about your application and outcomes as you do. And to your surprise, very often she pulls out ideas from incidents that you casually narrated to her and totally forgot about, and helps you weave them flawlessly with your work. Her style of working is very personal and a 100% engaged at all times.

Right from reiterating multiple drafts to interview preparation, she is a true mentor. I remember, in particular, the last leg of my application we got the final draft ready only a couple of hours before the deadline, and Neha had to rush for a doctor’s appointment at that point. And she sent me 3 rounds of iterations from the doctor’s cabin on whatsapp! And she gave me a call later in the day saying how she thinks we could have done a little better in some areas after going through my submission ~10 times! She never stops! I got admitted into HBS and Wharton (with a scholarship), and it wouldn’t have been possible without Neha. I strongly recommend applicants to work with Neha and become a Seven Hatter.Private Equity

Harvard Kennedy School

Neha is a magician at understanding your story. I remember when I first met her she didn’t discuss much and asked me to not worry about my story at all. I was left wondering what did I just sign up for.

However, as we began to work together, I could see that she had a very independent view of my journey. As we progressed, Neha went through each and every experience of my life. At this point, I felt very inspired. Over the multiple calls we had, she asked me very pertinent questions, pushed me to think harder and helped me put things into perspective

Her nuanced questions on several such occasions uncovered aspects of my professional story in a very unique light. I think this happened because Neha is not just smart instinctively, but she makes special effort to keep up-breast of what is happening in the business and political world globally, and how events in the economy affect decisions of business and policy stakeholders. This makes the essays come out alive so that the admissions committee can relate to the essays, even if they come from a different culture or background. She has a hawk’s eye for picking out the nuances which make your story stand out among the hundreds of other applicants who apply. And this becomes evident as you begin to work with her on the first draft. Moreover, Neha constantly pushed me to be genuine in sharing my experiences, and her strong confidence in my journey propelled me to move forward. She will even scold you if you try to game the application too much, she knows it doesn’t cut ice with the admissions committee even if there is a ring of artificiality in the essays.

A huge intellectual horsepower is not the only skill Neha possesses. As my counselor through the application process, she was very sensitive and patient with me and assuaged all the anxieties I had in the application process. I had no experience in applying to schools outside of India. Naturally that meant a barrage of concerns and questions. Neha resolved everything very patiently. She went through multiple iterations of the initial draft, at times at ungodly hours of the night. She added value in every iteration we went through, every single time pushing the envelope only harder than before. Her ownership over the work is way more and well beyond the professionalism I expected, which motivated me whenever I felt stuck in my applications. I am a proud Seven Hatter for life!Consultant

Harvard Business School

Neha is NOT a typical admissions consultant. I can’t stress this enough to prospective B-School applicants. From the very first conversation, she has been an amazing mentor, thought partner, and most importantly a ‘motivator’ through my application journey. Applying to Business School is an extremely grueling process – involving many months of soul searching and personal reflection, countless drafts of essays writing and gearing up for those 30-60 minute interviews that pose the final hurdle to the gates of the dream MBA. Neha’s unique, personalized and structured approach helped me navigate through each step of the process with extreme confidence. With her guidance, I was able to not only articulate my experiences and aspirations in an effective manner but also apply to all my target schools without any last minute panic! Sharing my application journey with Neha has been a great experience and she has undoubtedly played a critical role in my successful admits. Thanks a ton Neha! I’m heading to my dream school this fall and I look forward to having you as a friend and sounding board even in the years to come.Founding Member of Start-up

Harvard Business School

Neha is a firm, diligent and caring consultant. After switching to Neha from a previous, very expensive and famous global consultant, I realized how my previous consultant was lacking in professional and personal attributes. Because I was working full time and approaching applications deadline, Neha paid great attention to my situation and accordingly planned for the each item’s delivery. In addition, although she works with other clients, I always felt as if I am the only client because every time we had a call she remembered every bit of my profile and application that I myself had considered trivial or unimportant or just forgot. If that tells me anything, it tells that Neha is very passionate about helping a student, very dedicated and thorough in here assessments. Also I have to mention that her firm, structural and scientific method comes from her background; she is a Upenn and Columbia student !! Therefore if anyone is aspiring to attend top schools, you are definitely with someone who shares the same values!”Private Equity, The Middle East

MIT Sloan

I got Neha’s reference from a good friend. After talking to her on phone, I was convinced that she was the right person to guide me in my business school applications. I wanted to apply to only top 5-6 business schools in the U.S. and therefore, wanted to work with someone who is absolutely best at what they do. Needless to say, Neha exceeded my expectations.

She diligently worked with me on understanding my life experiences, the decisions I have made, my motivation behind those decisions and many other nuances that can easily be missed. She handled my entire application process personally and was very attentive to small details. I was most impressed with her ability to extract a compelling story out of my entire experience, which formed the basis of all my b-school applications. I was myself surprised to see how significant my achievements were, and how compelling my personal and professional story was. I looked and became a much stronger candidate through the lens that she provided.

Her expertise and efforts directly helped me get interviews from Stanford, MIT, Wharton and Berkeley. Eventually, I received admission offer from MIT, and I’m awaiting positive results from Wharton and Berkeley. It was a pleasure to work with Neha and I couldn’t have achieved these results without her help. She deeply understands the subtle differences in how different business schools look at candidates, and helped me tailor my applications accordingly.CEO of Fin-Tech Start-up

Wharton, Columbia Business School

Neha is a true partner in this process, forcing you to challenge established notions of your understanding of your own story, and your understanding of what it really takes to get into a top MBA program. You will not just go through the process methodically with her to achieve your objectives, but be forced to think about areas of your life that you thought were purely yours, and not ones that could be shared to build a narrative of a sense of self through the process. She has not only helped me secure admits, but find my voice, and find my story. I will carry this power through my life into my future. There are not many people who come along in your life genuinely interested in the tucked away corners of your life, and gets you to love your own story. She is one of those rare gems. You will change your life by working with her.Private Equity


Neha has been an amazing mentor through the application process for me-no less at a time when she was expecting a baby herself. She took the time out to repeatedly edit my essays, mentor me, be patient with me even when I was stubborn or wrong-and never refrained from speaking the truth. I have had a relatively long and very successful career in Private Equity, but she helped me go back to basics and really view my experiences in the right context-separating false pride from true achievements and helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses so I could begin to work on both. Her resilience comes from the way she bounced back a mere month after delivering her baby to help me with my Columbia interviews. Always professional and kind-her ideas, thoughts and inspiration made all the difference. I am a different person now than when I started with Seven Hats. And I owe it all to her unique philosophy and genuine passion for mentoring.Private Equity


I knew Neha was the right partner for me from my very first conversation with her. In contrast to other admissions consultants, she seemed to confer less emphasis on my GMAT score and my (embarrassingly poor) undergraduate grades than on my story and my aspirations. While engaging with a candidate, she doesn’t see a ‘profile’ as much as she sees a person. Ergo, she encourages candidates to present the most authentic versions of themselves to admissions committees, a value that cannot be overstated in the climate of competitive business school applications that is often saturated with candidates that follow a tick-all-the-boxes approach.

This strategy is fueled by her relentless ability to conceive unique and original ideas every step of the way. Despite being an outsider to my industry (renewable energy), she was able to provide actionable insights and imagine a future business landscape that served as the creative driver for my essays. Her ideas were also instrumental to my success in the Wharton team-based discussion where her one-on-one coaching allowed me to stand out in an extremely competitive field.

I would attribute this quality of hers to the fact that she’s had a rich and varied professional experience prior to starting Seven Hats. She is able to identify with and remain conversant with the world’s most high-flying young professionals because she’s been one herself, and is an MBA grad from a top school.

It’s also worth pointing out that she is unwaveringly outcome-oriented and will leave no stone unturned in helping one achieve one’s outcome. I found that her stamina and perseverance in churning out multiple iterations of my essays pursuant to perfection was far greater than my own. Application season is often mentally and emotionally draining for candidates; therefore, it is invaluable to have someone who’s got their eye on the prize and has got your back- she supports you right until deadline day, and beyond.

I would recommend working with Neha and Seven Hats to anyone looking to shoot for the extraordinary even when their ‘profile’ doesn’t ‘fit the bill’ for Harvard, Stanford & Wharton. Her out-of-the-box, non-formulaic approach empowers you to leap barriers and truly make the most of your career.Business Development, Clean-Tech

Columbia Business School

I decided to apply for an MBA in December 2018 and reached out to over 15 admission consultants. After meeting over 10, I was still unsure and not convinced who to proceed with. Coming with an undergraduate degree in management from an Indian college and an average GMAT score, not a lot of consultants were hopeful of me cracking into a top US business school. When I got in touch with Neha, I asked her which schools she thinks I should target, given my background. Unlike any other consultant, she didn’t put me in a bracket of schools – based on rankings – to which I should apply. She said Seven Hats didn’t believe in this process of school selection, it’s the applicants story and not the GMAT score which helps in school selection. Her answer is what convinced me to work with her.

Neha is more of a mentor than a consultant. From helping me introspect into what decisions I took and why, to helping me realise that my failures are equally important as my achievements are, when it came to crafting my story. There were ups and downs throughout the process, she gave me hard feedback which made me feel I wasn’t ready for an MBA and helped me rediscover myself – making me realise how my story is unique and I don’t need to ‘fit in’. I believe this journey of self-discovery is something that will go beyond business school and stay with me throughout my life.

Neha has an amazing memory and remembered every detail of our conversation right from the first time we spoke. She was always available and at times reverted with feedback on essays within a few hours. Her approach is both professional and personal. I was often swayed while doing my research on schools, time and again she brought me back on track and helped me build confidence on her empirical experience over statistics. She inspires people to outperform and never stop learning. Thanks to her, I’ve developed a habit of reading the HBR and WSJ on a regular basis. 

I am truly grateful for her time and effort in helping me get into my dream school. I would enthusiastically recommend Seven Hats to anyone applying to business school, she will make sure that your application tells your best story!

Hi-Tech Entrepreneur

Columbia Business School, Wharton

I got through two of the best MBA programs and I can’t be more thankful to Neha for making that possible. Neha brings in a lot of expertise and will make you feel that the entire process is a breeze. She has this great ability to bring out the best in you and be able to put the same across creatively.  She will work tirelessly with you. This individualistic and personal approach helps bring out the best in the essays. Very timely and professional feedback keeps you on your toes and makes you work and rework on making your essays better. It does not matter if it is the 2nd version or the 10th, she will ensure that it presents the ideas in the best way possible. She is always there to listen to your concerns and brainstorm essays/ideas/themes. She has a great knack of identifying and presenting the best ideas/unique points about your background that will make you stand out. Right from making the school selection to deciding the order of applications to the final interviews – she will give her best and will guide you well at every step.

Neha has a great network in the top business schools and its admission committees. And she will connect you with the current students, alumni and even arrange special round table discussions with the admissions committee. I was fortunate to have enrolled in time to attend the CBS admission committee round table discussion. The round table discussions gave a good insider view of the business school and works as a testing ground for your interview skills.

Her approach towards interviews which involves creating a strong base/foundation helps the candidate master and direct the interview to his strengths. The valuable feedback after every mock interview session pushes/forces the candidate to excel and improve. Wharton has a team based discussion and here also Neha ensured we had a great mock session/preparation in order to ace the discussion. She is quick to understand your strengths and weaknesses and helps you believe, develop great confidence that will help you sail through the interviews.

She has been instrumental in helping me find my way to two of the best business programs globally. And not just from an application point of view, she helped me work through my career goals post my MBA, helped me connect with the right people to understand more about the possible career paths. And more importantly, she will work with you more as a friend who cares about every important decision that you make regarding your MBA. I am fortunate to have worked with Seven Hats and will definitely recommend to prospective MBA students. Not just for the MBA applications but also to get clarity and evolve one’s understanding about an MBA and what one wants to achieve out of it.Venture Capital


Neha is full of energy and very engaging. Over the last few months, I have developed strong trust on Neha and go to her for her genuine advice related to B-school, career, or any other topic. Another great thing of working with Neha was quick response time – she would always respond within 24 hours. She always give sufficient time to her candidates during the essay writing as well as interview process.

While working on essays, Neha brings her expertise and knowledge of top tier B-school. She knows top tier B-schools and has a very good idea of what each school is looking for and the very subtle differences among them. We literally started from a clean slate and went through all my professional and personal experiences. She helped me organize my thoughts very clearly based on what the school is looking for. Crystallizing the ideas on which story and experiences will go well with which B-school is an intimidating task and Neha helped me make it much smoother. Doesn’t matter if its the first version or the sixth, she brings in equal energy and enthusiasm

For Wharton’s Team Based Discussion, she guided me to prepare for the pitch, key elements to cover and the positioning based on my strengths and then later helped me refine my pitch again and again till both of us were comfortable with it. She went out of the way to a mock session of team based discussion with other Wharton shortlisted candidates from Seven Hats.She gave very clear, candid and actionable feedback which helped me refine my ‘one minute pitch’. She also guided on which professional experiences to bring in during the discussion as well as the one-on-one interview and discussed with me what possible roles can I perform in Wharton’s team based discussion based on my professional experience. The session with other Wharton shortlisted candidates was very helpful for me to analyze my level of preparation as well as presentation compared with others and also helped me figure the missing elements from my pitch which I should focus on developing.

To sum it up, working with Seven Hats was an enriching experience for me. I wish Neha and Seven Hats all the very best!Consultant

Columbia Business School & Chicago Booth

One of my friends advised me to work with Neha, and I am really glad I did. Being a Columbia Business School grad herself, Neha has exceptional knowledge and first hand experience of both the application process and B-school experience. From Day 1 Neha followed a very methodical approach and steered my thinking in the right direction. She put in the effort to get to know me, and her questionnaires forced me to introspect and find my professional and personal stories. Neha was truly invested in my success, spending hours brainstorming ideas and even debating my goals and ambitions. We had long discussions in which she really helped me structure my thoughts. Neha is very thorough in her approach. My essays went through multiple iterations, and her edits were extremely thoughtful and brought new perspectives in my candidature.

Moreover, the mock interviews were of great help. Neha spent hours discussing multiple questions and prepared me well. Her unparalleled guidance really helped me express myself in a more structured and compelling way. Neha is a great mentor and I thank her for being my sounding board. Her energy is contagious and her excitement about my interviews and results really helped to keep my spirits up throughout this process. Working with Neha has been an extremely rewarding experience and I strongly recommend Seven Hats.Quantitative Analytics

Chicago Booth

Working with Neha helped me a lot in organizing and aligning my thought process in the right direction. She really grills you to dig out stories that will not only help you write more thoughtful essays but also help you discover who you are and what do you really want. Given her experience and knowledge about different business schools she provides the perspective that your friends and family will not be able to provide. Neha also goes out of her way to connect her mentee(s) with other people who are well versed with the grill of the admission process and provide you an alternate perspective. I am glad I got to work with her.Economist

Columbia Business School

The Seven Hats process is truly unique and designed in a way to naturally bring about the best in you. I was amazed at the insights and stories I was able to draw upon through the Seven Hats process. In fact, experiences that I would have otherwise disregarded or considered inconsequential ended up becoming the core thesis of my story. Neha’s method really demystifies the entire application process, while keeping it fun and stress free – and the intimidating essays begin to feel like a piece of cake.

Neha is detailed, decisive and has an extremely personalised approach. Unlike horror stories I’ve heard from friends using other consultants, Neha was extremely prompt with her responses. I don’t remember a single instance where I had to wait for more than 48 hours to receive feedback on essays or replies to emails. What’s even more surprising is Neha’s amazing ability to remember each and every detail of your profile (from work experiences to family background) every time she picks up the phone. Coming from an over represented background, I can confidently say that the focused attention that Neha gives each client really comes through in the quality of the output.

Neha was a fantastic guide through my interview process. I had just 4 short days to prepare, and through repeated mock interviews / role play with Neha – I felt extremely confident to answer any sort of question that could be thrown at me. Neha has a very strong professional network and helps you connect with alumni, current students and even admissions committees through special round table conferences which I found to be extremely helpful to learn more about the schools without visiting them.

I found Neha to be not just a consultant, but also a mentor though the entire process. She is extremely well-read, well-traveled and completely in-tune with the latest technology, news, articles, etc. so you can be sure that she completely understands and appreciates nuances of your professional experience. She inspires you to be on top of your game and works tirelessly to make sure you present the best version of yourself through the application process.

I came out of the 7 hats process truly understanding a lot more about myself and with an admit to my top choice of business school! I would highly recommend Seven Hats to anyone looking to apply to B-School or any professional degree! I can’t imagine going through the process without the 7th hat!Private Equity Associate

London Business School

Getting into LBS would not have been possible without Neha. Neha was absolutely brilliant in helping me stitch various elements together and creating a story which resonated with my personality, thoughts, and ambition. The intense discussions that we had helped me to understand myself better. The business application is about discovering oneself and Neha did a tremendous job at helping me bring out my true self and move beyond cliched notions of how I viewed my entire background. Moreover, working with Neha is not just about an application, it goes beyond that. She invests in you, she cares for you and she helps you on every developmental space that will prepare you for long-term success your whole life.Venture Capital

Columbia Business School

I have worked very closely with Neha for the past 6 months and all I have to say that it has been a wonderful experience. Working with Seven Hats is much much more than just an admission application process but it helps build ones future connecting the dots from the past. One of Neha’s exceptional qualities is the passion that she has for her work. Neha is a perfectionist and she helped bring out the best in me. The process is very unique and has made me more aware of my future goals and how I needed to build on my career. The mentoring is very personal and I was given access to a lot of proprietary intellectual content that Neha used to discuss regularly with me. This not only helped me increase my business knowledge but was also critical in helping me ace the interviews. I come from a very technical manufacturing background but Neha took great pain in understanding every minor detail about my company and work so that she could guide me on which programs were best for me. I am still surprised at the dedication and hard-work she put in on my application. I highly recommend seven-hats to anyone who plans on pursuing an MBA from a top business school.Entrepreneur, Family Business in Manufacturing

Haas School of Business, Berkley University

The best thing about working with Neha is that she makes the whole application process look more like an introspection of your past experiences than a stressful task. I distinctly remember my first telephonic conversation with Neha, I was able to share details with her I never shared before with anyone else. Unlike other consultants, she gets under your skin and ensures that the best and unique traits of your personality shine out in the application. Throughout the process she remained my biggest supporter and critique, always pushing me to aspire big and at the same time sharing very honest and blunt feedback on my application. Having worked with another consultant in past, I can confidently say that Neha is a class-apart from other consultants and genuinely puts her heart and soul in making your application the best. I remember, for one university, even after we closed the essay, Neha kept thinking about the story and pinged me another line to add to the essay which acted as the final punchline. I was blown away by this level of dedication and would strongly recommend Seven Hats to all prospective B-School applicants looking for someone who will be as engaged with your application as you are!

Chicago Booth, London Business School

Neha is a phenomenal professional, and its been a pleasure working with her closely over the past few months. There are a several key reasons why she really stands out from the others – she takes great personal interest and invests heavily in your story, down to minute details. This then enables her to thresh out excellent narratives and bring out interesting dimensions. Another aspect that impressed me was her work ethic – she has always ensured that there is a constant focus on the application process, and doesn’t compromise until the outcome matches her expectations. She focuses on quality over quantity, and this is extremely important especially in this high-stakes process of applying to top B-schools. Her specialized approach to the different schools is again something that helps a lot in shaping your applications in the best way possible.

Aside from the essays, Neha also leverages her experience and expertise in the area to provide very relevant colour on the whole process, helps you think through your choices and most importantly, helps prepare your mindset for working on essays, interviews and so on. This holistic vision that she builds around the whole idea enables the candidates to approach it in a precise, methodical fashion. In short, I would highly recommend Neha to any aspiring candidate who wishes for the very best of professional guidance that he/she can get.FinTech

London Business School

Working with Neha has been challenging, thought-provoking and finally extremely rewarding. I was pushed to delve deeper into my thoughts and life than I imagined and came out the other side victorious – getting accepted into one of my top choice schools.

Like most people going through the application process, I was pressed for time – juggling family, professional and social commitments – and struggled to complete the initial questionnaires she sent me. Rather than push me to complete them, Neha improvised, replacing her conventional process with several rounds of consultative discussions and the strategy behind my application story emerged.

From this and other experiences it became very clear that Nehas success stemmed not from a standard template or “secret formula” but rather a personalised approach to the application process. This approach of personalisation coupled with structure, timelines and feedback navigated me through my own self-reflection, and helped me effectively connect the dots of my past with my dreams for my future.

I highly recommend Neha to anyone looking to introspect deeply into his or her life and come out the other side with better self-awareness, preparation and consequently a sound, well thought out and balanced application package.Entrepreneur

Kellogg, Australian School of Management

I have known Neha personally since childhood and reaching out to her for professional help on my MBA journey was the obvious choice! Her method of structuring the application process is so amazing – it forces one to think, reflect and really evaluate one’s purpose in the larger scheme of things. We both have spent nights thinking about and editing my story. Through multiple iterations, she kept guiding me on the right way to approach the applications and what a school is really looking for.

Neha has great insight on profile-school fit and knows what will work, what will suit one’s objectives rather than chasing big brand names alone as per rankings. Through the process, she was always available to discuss aspects of the story, the recommendations and the interviews. It was never a copy-paste, impersonal interaction. She is a professional who is thoroughly invested to ensure her candidates succeed in their efforts.

Hard work always pays off and I am so glad that our efforts have borne fruit and I am headed to a great business school in a country I am in love with!
She is a thorough, thoughtful professional and a true power woman for whom I have loads of love and respect!

Thank you Neha – for being so focused, committed and awesome! You made me fall in love with myself and my accomplishments all over again. I go forth with renewed confidence and with stars in my eyes as I chase my dreams! Thank you for believing in me.

It was an honour working with you. God Bless!Real Estate Consultant

Kellogg School of Management, Yale SOM

Business School applications are grueling and I am extremely grateful to Neha for being a fantastic coach and mentor through what has been one of the most busy and stressful phases in my life so far. I started out very confused about why I wanted to go to business school in the first place and what my career goals really are. Neha’s personalized and structured approach through the Seven Hats platform really helped me; I would not be heading to my dream school this fall if it was not for all the hard work, passion and dedication that Neha channeled towards bringing out the best in me.

The entire journey, right from the introductory questionnaire to get to know me better, to connecting the dots in my life to build my story, to picking the right schools to apply to, to countless drafts of essays, to interview preparation and guidance on how to tackle the waitlist process, was extremely thorough. Neha took the trouble to really understand me as a candidate, ensured that I reflected on my life and career in great depth to understand my strengths and weaknesses, helped me articulate my experiences and think about who I really I was always amazed by how well Neha recalled every detail of my profile, even while working with so many other candidates at the same time.

Neha is extremely dedicated and passionate about her work, and has the right mix of being serious and light-hearted. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me Neha! You’ve not just helped me get into business school, but you’ve instilled self-confidence in me and helped me develop into a more self-aware individual!Real Estate Consultant

Elizabeth Morris Scholar for Strategy and Marketing, NYU Stern School of Business; Cornell Johnson School of Business

My experience working with Seven Hats has been a wonderful one! After meeting with other consultants, I decided to go with Seven Hats because the dedication and devotion that Neha showed toward securing professional success for each of her clients was truly unique. Neha is a very encouraging and supportive mentor. When she talks about helping people realize their goals and ambitions, it’s easy to see that she is a very committed individual and genuinely loves what she does.

Neha is very hands-on and professional, and was with me every step of the way, whether it was figuring out my story (which involved answering a questionnaire designed to make you dig deep!), or setting up coffee chats with the Admissions Committee of some of the colleges I was interested in, or prepping for an interview before I was due to appear for the real one (I gained some new insights with every interview). Working with her is an eye-opening experience, forcing you to really take a good look at yourself and figure out your strengths, and transforming you into a worthy candidate for business schools. Along the way, Neha also draws upon her own amazing experiences, which helped me put my own experiences into perspective. She has a gift for seeing the bigger picture, and pushes you to come into your own.

It’s a truly unique experience, and I would strongly recommend Seven Hats to anyone who’s looking to apply to business school.Financial Services

Aswath Damodaran Scholar at NYU Stern, Yale School of Management

Neha invested a lot of time to work with me to understand the nuances of my personal and professional story, and not once did I feel that I was working with an application template or a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Her 360 degree approach helped us to unlock several dimensions and incidents in my journey that eventually became core themes in my essays. I believe this really helped me to get the best out of our discussions and ensure that the key messages stood out in my applications. She is extremely committed to her students/clients and on many occasions, she has shared her extended network with me to help me get a better perspective on a particular school or career path. Neha has been a great mentor through the application process; and I have no doubt that she will continue to enable many other students to realize their MBA and career goals in the future.Financial Services

Harvard Business School

Working with Seven Hats has been a great experience. I literally started the process as a blank sheet of paper, but over a short course of time, Neha helped in connecting the dots to make a structured life-story which can now fill out a book. Working with Neha was eye-opening, insightful and yet there has always been a way of keeping things fun. I would always feel engaged during our calls and meetings.

Neha has a great sense of work ethic where she really sees through your application process as if it were her own and such dedication is definitely hard to find. Seven Hats has been a great bridge in connecting with various alums and admissions teams, as I have always been encouraged to explore various schools and select what which curriculum best suits my personal and professional goals.

Even after the application is submitted, you would not have to face the interview preparation alone. With Neha, I had someone to exchange a plethora of ideas with, practice out some inevitable questions and get valuable feedback.

I wish Seven Hats all the best! Working with you has been an exciting journey, with lots of nail-biting, essay-writing, brainstorming, rewriting, and discussing! I am sure you would make many more candidates realize their dreams.Business Development Manager

Harvard Business School

I worked with Neha over four sessions to prepare for my interview. I found Neha to be an encouraging, patient and engaged through all four.

Key takeaways that might be helpful:

  1. Neha does not run by the clock. This is great because most consultants do and so, many a time, one’s thoughts are often redirected to how much one can cover in the stipulated time. Instead, with Neha, I found that she gave me as much time as I required – our first session stretched to close to four hours. This relaxed setting allowed me to think aloud and dig deep when considering certain interview questions.
  2. Neha is a wonderful thought partner. She gets to know you first and then helps you bring your ideas to the table. For a non-traditional MBA candidate like me, Neha helped me articulate my thinking through a business/leadership lens – a crucial value add to my interview.
  3. Neha can work with candidates from all kinds of backgrounds and adjusts the mock interview structure according to your needs – for example, when the traditional interview format didn’t work for me on a particular day, we switched to having a summary conversation about my life story – something that allowed me to gather my thoughts independently and soothe my nerves before the big day.

Once again, thanks Neha for all your help!Family Business Director

Harvard Business School

Neha helped me with my business school applications for the Fall of 2014. Let me just start of by saying that she is a natural at this – truly! Right from the initial conversations, through the application process, to the interview prep. Neha’s ability for insight, assessment, positioning and depth are stellar.

She really pushed me to think deeper and discover my story and in the process discover myself. She helped me polish and add depth to my stories that started off as little uncut diamonds – but eventually came out shining. She is really invested in each application she undertakes and  adds tremendous value. She goes above and beyond – recommending articles one should read, getting friends and family to help with interview prep and takes the time out to just listen. She has a great knack for editing and writing and is really able to add flow, structure and depth– all superbly essential for a good essay. She really is a true advisor and I am truly grateful for the time she invested in me! Thank you!Consultant


Neha has been an amazing mentor through the application process for me-no less at a time when she was expecting a baby herself. She took the time out to repeatedly edit my essays, mentor me, be patient with me even when I was stubborn or wrong-and never refrained from speaking the truth. I have had a relatively long and very successful career in Private Equity, but she helped me go back to basics and really view my experiences in the right context-separating false pride from true achievements and helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses so I could begin to work on both. Her resilience comes from the way she bounced back a mere month after delivering her baby to help me with my Columbia interviews. Always professional and kind-her ideas, thoughts and inspiration made all the difference. I am a different person now than when I started with Seven Hats. And I owe it all to her unique philosophy and genuine passion for mentoringPrivate Equity


I approached Neha for interview preparation for one school. We had only one week to prepare and she didn’t know much about my background. Yet she tackled it amazingly. She was able to understand my strengths and weaknesses early on, and helped bring out the best in me. She was very clear with the format so we didn’t waste any time (being an alumni helps!). She is fabulous with idea generation, and is extremely quick in the way she cuts through ideas and helps form them creatively. With her guidance I was able to crack the Wharton interview with ease and confidence and was able to secure an admit in my dream school!Investment Banking

Wharton, INSEAD

Working with Neha was an absolutely fantastic experience.

Neha works very differently from other consultants. My greatest challenge in applying to business school was finding “my story”. Neha’s detailed questionnaire helped me articulate my experiences and forced me to think about who I was and what I wanted to do. She was invaluable in helping me transform my different experiences (some of which I felt was trivial and irrelevant) into a comprehensive story.

Self-reflection is perhaps the most important element in a business school application, and Neha was extremely helpful in guiding me through this process. She made what can be a very stressful experience seem very easy. Neha also helped tremendously during the interview process. We had a number of mock sessions and she anticipated almost all the questions I got in my interviews.

Working with Neha was a pleasure. She is easy to talk to, always available and very responsive. Even though I don’t live in India and was not available to work with her during regular office hours, she was available late into the night and on weekends. Additionally, because Neha has worked in finance and consulting before, I found it very easy to discuss work related concepts.

Neha is truly invested in her students, has a great work ethic and will push you to achieve your true potential. I would recommend her very strongly to anyone applying to business school or any other program!Private Equity

Tuck, Ross, UCLA, Darden

Working with Seven Hats and Neha has been an extremely enriching and rewarding experience. One of the things that sets Seven Hats apart is Neha’s detail oriented yet structured approach to tackling every step of the application process – right from the self-reflection and brainstorming stage to the interview preparation stage. This made it easy to navigate the gruelling application process seamlessly. Another quality that sets Neha apart is the amazing level of engagement with which she understands every aspect of her clients’ past and current – both professional and personal – and this comes extremely handy while building an interesting, compelling and cohesive story to tell. Neha is a firm, passionate and dedicated individual who ensured that I was on track as per my application strategy and timelines, and encouraged me to adopt a creative and iterative writing process which helped me arrive at very high quality application. To top it off, Neha has a strong understanding of what each school is looking for and consequently how best to represent various parts of one’s background and stories.  Thanks for the help, Neha!Investment Banking

Columbia Business School

The process of applying to schools can be daunting and emotionally exhausting. But if you work with Neha, it becomes an exciting journey of self exploration- not only will get into an MBA program of your dreams but you also gain clarity on who you are and what you wish to achieve in your career.

Neha takes the time to get to know you, understand you – and isnt bound by the clock. She knows when to coach, stand on the sidelines, or be a pal. Because Neha and I formed a relationship – my application was true to who I was in my own voice. She encourages you to be yourself and helps you craft an engaging story.

Given her professional accomplishments and passion for reading – she shared pertinent articles, quotes, and perspectives which helped me bolster my business acumen during the interview process. She encourages you to dream big and that the seemingly impossible, is possible – I was admitted into an Executive MBA program with 4 years of work experience with the the average being 10 years! Hand on heart, couldn’t have done it without Neha! Thank you!Business Development at Energy Start-up

Columbia Business School

“When I started engaging with Neha on my applications, I wanted to figure out a way to bring out my story in a way that would help the adcoms understand me as a person and how my professional and personal experiences have shaped me. While I had jotted down some experiences I wanted to talk about, Neha really forced me to think about even the most minute and trivial experiences (as I thought!) that I had had at work or in my personal life and as I started introspecting, I figured out that all the while, I had actually missed out on some of those formative experiences in my life.

After that, Neha played the role of a mentor and guide to help me take all these experiences and stitch together ‘my story’. She helped me customize my application with respect to the school I was applying to and I could see that she was personally invested in all my applications – to the extent that we would spend hours just to figure out the best way to express one single 10 word line. Apart from the essays, she also helped in all other aspects of the application and even played a very important role when I was preparing for my interviews – on many occasions, she would realize that I was taking it easy and would then push me to prepare harder.

Apart from all the help with the application and the interviews, she also helped me get access to a lot of reading materials and moreso, introduced me to and arranged personalized meetings with adcom members of most prestigious business schools. I think that played a very important role in me getting selected to my desired school as those meetings got me a lot of personal time with an adcom member to get my story across to him/her. All in all, it was an enriching experience to engage with Neha on the applications and I am elated to have made it to my school of choice. I would definitely recommend Neha to help you out with your applications.”Private Equity Analyst

Columbia Business School

Neha is an amazing coach who really knows her stuff very well. She is thoroughly professional and has amazing ideas to make your MBA story interesting and robust without introducing any elements of embellishment.

During my initial meeting with Neha, she patiently listened to my story and dwelled on points I never thought were important for my applications. She encouraged me to give a personal touch to my application incorporating “unique” perspectives about my personal and professional life. She taught me how a particular essay could be targeted with different themes, all reflecting my very own story.

It helps that Neha went to two of the top universities for her undergrad and MBA. The exposure she has had and the variety of people she has met over time allow her to understand different aspirational requirements of different candidates. She has access to amazing resources and genuinely helps not just with application writing but also with other issues and concerns the candidates might have about MBA education and their target industry.

She has amazing connections across different universities and successful alumni globally- an access not very easy to acquire sitting here in India- and one that she will gladly make available to you as you go along the process. Having been successful in securing an admit with CBS for the class of 2016, I can safely say it would not have been possible without Neha’s help and guidance.Vice President, Structured Products

London Business School; Cornell Johnson

I worked with Neha through my business school applications and engaging her was the best decision I’ve made in my career. I found her to have a very strong understanding of the admissions process and she brought it to every aspect of my application. All through the process I could see the large amount of time, energy and commitment she was bringing to my efforts- something I find quite commendable.

I was a re-applicant to most schools and was keen to try my luck only on a handful of schools this year. Neha was my saviour at each step of my application this time. While writing essays, her critical responses helped me get myself in shape. I had a tendency to float away artistically through my essays, writing pieces that sounded more like short stories than professional essays. Neha got my language in order, helping me tame my ego and focus on what was important for the school at hand. I also got a lot of crucial inputs for interviewing- something I had not fared well in earlier. Over an elongated period of time, I systematically improved my diction, delivery, my ability to conceptualize key facts and to come across as friendly and affable. Her inputs saved me a lot of heart-burn and I got through all 3 of the schools I had interview invites from.

On the whole, her methodology was quite unique indeed. From introspection to school selection to application and interviews, she was actively involved and it really helped a lot. I would strongly recommend her and would definitely refer her to my family and friends.Vice President, Investment Banking

London Business School, INSEAD

Neha was a great thought partner throughout my application process. It was insightful to have a mentor unconnected to my personal or professional life. She helped me zoom out and connect the dots – this not only helped me take a step back and reflect on my journey but also helped me shape my story in a structured manner. I would highly recommend working with seven hats to remember where you’ve been and understand where you want to go.Family Business Director

London Business School, ISB

If there is one piece of advice that I would give aspiring applicants, it would be to approach the Seven Hats application process knowing that you are in good hands. Like many other B-School aspirants, I approached Seven Hats with pre-conceived notions about the type of school I should apply to basis unfounded beliefs on my individual ability, thereby limiting my choices. Neha trashed these notions in our first meeting itself and gave me the confidence in my story through her detailed questionnaire approach that not only paved the way for the rest of the application process but also helped me reflect and better understand my strengths, weaknesses, achievements and shortfalls.

Over time, Neha delved into aspects and characteristically significant traits that schools look out for in potential candidates which only an experienced consultant would deem important to the application. What made the entire process more relatable was that Neha was able to provide me with an in-depth student perspective (I attribute this quality of hers to her own experience as a student at some of the finest universities in the world) into each of the colleges I aspired for and by clubbing that with my post MBA goals helped curate a list of schools most suitable to my aspirations.

After narrowing down on my list of dream schools, the application process was a breeze given the insightful information that Neha brings to the table and the detailed knowledge that she has on application specifics of each individual school. As a turnkey consultant, Neha will hand-hold you through the entire process right up to acceptance stage and will do so with the highest level of professionalism and commitment to each application.

As for me, I got accepted into two of my dream schools and had the daunting task of choosing one over the other (undoubtedly the toughest part of my B-School quest). Neha has been a mentor, guide and friend through the entire process, and someone I would highly recommend to attain your educational aspirations.Director, Food & Beverages

London Business School

I used to feel daunted by the whole MBA application process until I started working with Neha/Seven Hats. When I made up my mind to start the MBA application process in late December – I decided to seek the help of a consultant given the limited time I had to put together a strong application. I had started working with a leading US-based MBA consulting company, but was not satisfied with the “cookie cutter” approach the consultant was using. That is when I reached out to Seven Hats and in just my first conversation with Neha, I knew that she simply got it. Neha not only helped me articulate my story, but she also inspired me to explore different post-MBA career opportunities that I would not have even thought about on my own! She is very knowledgeable about different industries – but I could also see that she does her research and makes every effort to really understand one’s background. I worked with Neha over Skype and phone calls (I live outside of India) and the whole process worked seamlessly. In fact, as we got closer to deadlines, Neha even put in time over the weekends to make sure that nothing fell through the cracks. Overall, I was very impressed with the personal attention and flexibility that I received – really helped calm my nerves throughout the application process!Multinational Development

Kellogg School of Management

Working with Seven Hats has been an amazing experience. Beginning with a very unique methodology, backed by witty conversations, Neha brings out the most individualistic yet forgettable past experiences to create a meaningful and individualistic portrait of her mentees. She helped me collate a unique story that I could convey effectively in all MBA applications. Neha understands the personality of various MBA programs really well and has a great knack in matching her mentees with the right programs. She was extremely helpful in shortlisting the right set of MBA programs for me.

Neha is extremely meticulous with her approach and has a great work ethic. She brought a structure to the whole application which would not have been otherwise possible in the hectic work schedules.She worked on every aspect of my application as it were here own till I submitted it. Painstakingly, she brings out the best stories in the essays, brainstorming, working and reworking on the essays. She kept me super motivated all the way in this painful process which is extremely important in this process right from essays to interviews.

Neha is super with conducting interview sessions. She definitely helped me put the best foot forward in this case. I am really grateful for helping me out to get through one of my dream schools.

I wish Neha and Seven hats all the best for future!

A proud Seven Hatter,Start-up, Financial Services

Kellogg School of Management, Yale School of Management, NYU Stern

Everybody I spoke to before applying to business school warned me about the application process – “It is so difficult! How are you going to manage working and applying to school at the same time?” I expected sleepless nights, endless amounts of stress and a whole lot of writer’s block. Not with Neha. She went about the process in such a structured and organized fashion, digging deeper and prodding me to think about myself and my experiences in ways I had not before – it was an eye-opening experience, and one I really enjoyed (to even my surprise!)

The icing on the cake is that Neha is also an absolute pleasure to work with. She is so invested in each of her clients and always makes sure she is available to answer any doubts, from essay writing to interview prep, no matter how small. She is passionate, hard working and motivated, and has pushed me to work harder too! I would highly recommend Neha and Seven Hats to anyone that is looking for a smooth, introspective and insightful way to tackle applying to business school.Social Enterprise Management

Kellogg School of Management

After a few initial discussions with Neha, at which point I had practically discussed my entire life – I said to her that I had no clue what my story was. We immediately proceeded to a white-board and
she started asking me rapid-fire questions. Within minutes, I saw my story unfolding over bullets and arrows as Neha distilled through everything we had ever discussed. Throughout the application process,I doubt that she ever forgot anything we spoke about. The beauty of her approach is that in the end, my application represented who I really was and not a photoshopped fabricated version of me.

Furthermore, she is extremely upbeat and approachable and I felt comfortable asking her the most ridiculous questions. Simultaneously, she was absolutely blunt in giving me hard feedback. A special Seven Hats treat is Coffee Chats with MBA Admission Teams where you not only
ask questions in an informal setting and challenge you to think on your feet. Neha will also connect you with alumni before that crucial interview and ensure you are adequately prepared through
multiple mock interviews. An added bonus is bumping into other Seven Hatters at admission events and keeping in touch with them throughout the application process. It’s been great fun working with you Neha!

Thank you!Business Development at Global Conglomerate

Kellogg School of Management

Unsure whether business school made sense, I met Neha over coffee and she convinced me to apply to business school for Fall 2014 — that’s how persuasive she is 🙂 Her passion and clarity have helped every step out of the application process since that fateful day.

The application process is grueling and unforgiving. I applied to 5 of the top 10 US schools and it was not an easy task. Neha’s expert understanding of each school’s culture and strengths and nitty-gritties of the application process were a huge advantage. Through rigorous brainstorming, active listening, and relentless introspection, she helped me craft applications that were creative, soulful, and reflective of who I am. Wearing the seventh hat, Neha rallied, motivated, and inspired the best in me. It’s been a wonderful process of self discovery.

It’s very difficult to find anyone as committed and as invested as Neha. She calms you down when you’re nervous, accommodates your crazy work hours, connects you to the right people, and helps you prepare for interviews. She loves what she does and is extremely good at what she does. Her energy and optimism are infectious. She believed the right path would open to me and it truly has. In a few months, I will be off to pursue my MBA at Kellogg School of Management/Wharton School?, which we both believed is the best fit for me academically, culturally, and professionally! And none of this would have been possible if it were not for Neha!Healthcare Start-up

NYU Stern, Darden

Working with Neha over the last few months made the most difficult and time consuming b-schools admissions process manageable without compromising on my demanding job. She is truly invested in all her students and brings the best out of us in each and every application. In the first month she spent a lot of time to understand and define the key aspects of my personal and professional life to build a convincing story. Neha’s prior experience and in-depth understanding of banking industry helped me to present a broader picture of my work in essays and in interviews. She helped me to understand how each school is different from the others, something which was not possible by just scanning the websites. Something that I appreciate about Neha is her honesty in providing the feedback, even if it is a brutal one which helped me to work on my weak areas. This experience would not just finish with the application process but will continue to transform me in future. She really becomes your companion from the start till you cross the finish line.

Thanks Neha, It has been great working with you!!Financial Services

NYU Stern

“With what I thought was a great GMAT score and a reasonably good experience, I believed I had the six thinking hats I needed to decode the application process. But it was the Seventh Hat that helped me think on my feet and bring out the best in my essays and interviews. They offered a very personalized approach, spending time to understand my background and brainstorming multiple times to bring out my finer experiences. I realized that even though the experiences were mine, it was the seventh hat that helped give these experiences the dimension they needed. The fact that the Seven Hats team have themselves been to some of the schools that most of us aspire to go, provided not only a first-hand perspective of someone who’s been through the process but also gave me a lot of inspiration. Hats off to Seven Hats!!”Investment Banking

Tuck School of Business, Darden School of Business, Class of 2018

Working with Neha through these past few months has been an absolute pleasure. From the initial exercises to putting together the application, she has a highly structured approach and her attention is individualized. Right from day 1, I found myself facing her tough questions and introspecting over my story and goals. As a result, even before I got down to writing the essays I already had my thoughts structured on paper, which made the process so much easier. Through the application process, she paid the same amount of attention to each tiny element as she did to the bigger pieces.  From conversations with Neha, it is easy to see how well she knows top business schools and what they are looking for. She has a flair for this, her insights and critique are invaluable, and she brings out the best in one’s applications. She takes personal interest in candidates’ progress and is genuinely excited by their success!Consultant

Said School of Business, Oxford University; IESE

In a process like this, which can be very daunting; it’s super important to find a consultant you trust – and very early on in the application process, I built that trust with Neha and have blindly trusted her since

Neha spent a tremendous amount of time in understanding my experiences and these discussions very organically turned into reflective sessions. By the end of it, it was really amazing to see how Neha managed to use seemingly unrelated or small experiences and tie them into the larger narrative – adding so much colour to every application! I know for a fact that no other consultants invest this much time in understanding your story – and it is THE most crucial part of the application, which can make or break you

Neha also has a PHENOMENAL understanding of how one should articulate their thoughts verbally and in writing! I grew significantly from her feedback
It was an absolute pleasure working with Neha and I am convinced that no other consultant could’ve helped me submit a stronger application! I STRONGLY reccomend her to anyone who is looking to applying to grad school!!

Judge School of Business, Cambridge University

My decision to work with Neha for my MBA applications turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. The process wasn’t just that of a B school application- it was one of great guidance, sound advice and self discovery. Through the questionnaire, and the methods of understanding who I am and what my story is – working with Neha actually made me see how all the dots connected in my professional life. Things that I didn’t know about myself, qualities that I wasn’t aware of came about through the entire process. This self awareness not only helped me prepare a better application, but also become a better professional.

Working with Neha was fantastic – she helped me understand how to portray my professional journey and aspirations in my application – and pushed me to my limit throughout the process. Despite my making the process more difficult for her by not following timelines due to my own busy schedule – Neha was extremely patient and understanding with me – and ensured I was able to complete all my applications in time. The part I enjoyed the most was the interview preparation – an area where Neha probably made the biggest impact for me – the transformation was evident by the time the process reached the end stage – and I was able to secure an admission to a top ranked MBA program.

Lastly, the most important thing for me was – that this wasn’t just another consulting gig for Neha. I wasn’t just another student. Neha takes all of her students applications personally – she remembers everyone’s stories at the back of her hand. She is personally invested in everyone, and this is pretty much the secret to her, and her students success.Technology and Entrepreneurship

Judge School of Business, Cambridge University; Said School of Business, Oxford University

Working with Neha has been nothing short of amazing! Considering I  met her with just 2 months before Round 2 Deadlines, Neha’s promptness and readiness to help me was really heartening. The entire process she follows from helping you pick schools to the applications to the interview preparation is extremely thorough and it actually is built in a way to help you better understand both your professional as well as personal goals.
Her superb understanding of the various schools and their culture really guides one to make an informed decision. Her approach to the entire process is very professional, yet it is peppered with her constant personal touch. Overall if I were to redo this process I wouldn’t think twice about working with her. She is the only one that could’ve made my husband and I get an accept into Oxford and Cambridge respectively, with only 2 months in hand, and my Big Fat Indian Wedding, in between.Family Business, Industrials & Real Estate

Cambridge Undergraduate

What I came to Seven Hats in search of was a basic understanding of the structure of interviews, what I left with was an in-depth comprehension of every facet of the interview. Whether it had to do with the technical aspect of the interviews, or the more personal topics, Neha covered it all. All I really wanted was some confidence in preparation for my possible interview at Cambridge University; I didn’t know at the time. But Neha went above and beyond; she gave me ideas for my personal statement, she helped me on parts of my application. She did not have to do these things but she did them anyways, because she cared. And through this guidance, I not only got an interview at Cambridge, but I was accepted by my dream university. I attribute a lot of my success to Neha and her brilliant approach. A truly amazing aspect of the way that she worked was how she would personalize everything for me, and that involved getting to know me as a person; it wasn’t all business. Finally all I want to say is that Neha delivers on her promise of ‘outside-the-box’ thinking, I truly appreciate the range of skills that I picked up in my time with her. When I applied the Cambridge University, I didn’t dare get attached to it; it was a dream – but the way Neha molded me has truly opened my eyes to limitless potential – and I would like to thank her for that.

Indian School of Business

Neha does not follow the typical method of short-listing colleges by making your GMAT the main criteria. She adopts a well-rounded approach where she makes you think about your life and various experiences, thus prompting you to think about what your goals actually are. She then dissects your answers with you in order to make sure that you are clear about what your own story is (she has, by this point, already understood quite a bit about you). Neha follows an applicant-centric process where, along with the application, she focuses a lot on helping her students develop personally and broaden their horizons. One of the best things I liked about working with Neha was her upfront and honest nature. We had shortlisted a few colleges and my entire application strategy was risky on all counts. She had told me that from the start, but never discouraged me from applying to the colleges I wanted to and worked tirelessly to ensure that I have the best application possible to send to the schools.

I am starting B-school this year, and I would not have been able to without Neha’s help and support.

She truly is the best person who could have helped me with my B-school application journey- task oriented, supportive, strict when needed, and always there to help.Financial Services

Indian School of Business

“I attended an info session conducted by Neha and immediately decided to sign up with Seven Hats. I was really confused about my approach and my story but following Seven Hat’s methodology, I was able to streamline the entire application process. Neha forces one to think hard and introspect harder to write down life experiences and achievements in the most impactful manner. Neha guided me on my Bschool selection and gave me some really good insights into different Bschools. I had a low GMAT score but Neha was very confident about my story and instilled that confidence in me. During the process, I learnt a lot about myself – my skill sets, my strengths and my achievements and even ended up improving my GMAT score with her support. With her guidance I was able to present my story in the most effective manner through my essays. We worked on different Bschools with a different perspective and were able to personalize the application for every Bschool.

The best part about Seven Hats is Neha’s personalized approach mentoring. She is highly professional, always available to answer any queries and goes out of her way to help you out. She even connects you with alumni of other Bschools to help get an inside view of the Bschool if required. She pushes you to follow the process and helps in getting the best out of you. I am really thankful to Neha in helping and guiding me secure an admission in my Dream School!

I would highly recommending signing up with Seven Hats and working with Neha to achieve your goals!”Agriculture Start-up


My experience working with Seven Hats was nothing short of transformational! What impressed me the most was individual attention that Neha gave to learn everything about me. Using detailed questionnaires and discussions over calls, we spent several hours identifying key achievements and differentiators to help make my application stand out from the rest. This pre-work could then be leveraged when writing the essays and ensured that nothing was missed out in my story. Furthermore, based on my personal and professional goals, Neha helped form a strategy around the schools that are a good fit for me.

As a re-applicant, I was certainly nervous about getting rejections from schools again. But Neha’s optimism and relentless support, instilled a sense of confidence in me. As a mentor, Neha would challenge me to think and write like a business school candidate. And stay clear of the mistakes that I made in my previous applications! This new approach impacted not only my applications, but also on how I interact with people in my professional life.

Applying to business school is certainly challenging. But with Seven Hats, you can be confident that you are in good hands! I wish Neha and Seven Hats all the success in their future endeavours.Global Manufacturing

Ross Business School; UNC Kenan-Flagler School of Business

I joined Seven Hats consulting on the recommendation of one my friends who had earlier worked with Neha and made it to a top tier school. As I reflect back in time, this was perhaps the best possible advice that I got in what had been a season of recommendations!!

I started working with Neha only after trying my hand at a couple of application and after clearly struggling to build on my unique MBA application story. Although I had specifically sought her help with the application essays, Neha went beyond the obvious to help me ideate on my story and channelize my thought process. Regular discussions and intense ideation helped me introspect better and identify relevant strengths and unique data points. For instance, I was able to identify several of my personal experiences which earlier seemed irrelevant, but on which, I later built upon a strong and a compelling case.

For a b-school application, it is extremely important to present the essays in the most distinguished way so as to stand out and Neha is truly a master at this. She is brilliant in terms of personalizing the story to  individual’s unique strengths and this helped me project myself in the most effective manner. Add to this her deep understanding of different international schools and experience working with top notch candidates, what you get is a truly professional advice that will definitely smoothen off the rough edges of your application and give you a clear edge over other applicants.

So if you are looking to work with a consultant during the MBA application- I would strongly recommend Seven Hats. I did, and without an iota of doubt I can say that it made a significant impact in helping me get that all elusive admit!!Investment Banking

UC Berkley, Emory, John Hopkins, Wellesley, Holyoke

Neha has been instrumental in helping me understand my strengths better and aligning my interests with available opportunities. She is excellent at helping to push boundaries of articulation and creativity. She is thorough with her work and I have personally learnt alot through her attention to detail. Thank you, Neha, for helping me optimize my potential. I was myself unaware of how high I could fly in my thoughts and my writing till you helped me with multiple angles with which to look at myself. For that I am eternally grateful.Undergraduate Student specializing in Film


Initially didn’t know how and where to start the process of shortlisting universities and only then a student at Columbia Business School had referred Seven Hats to me. I signed up and Neha was very helpful in making me comfortable with the system by way of inviting me to the various round table sessions with thinkers and leaders. I saw my work improve remarkably over a period of 6 months, and found my contextual communication skills progressing by leaps and bounds. During the Interview preparation also, she had allocated so much time for me, which allowed me to practice a lot and improve myself that helped me be very confident during the final interview. I had always wanted to study among the top Business Schools and I am happy to be admitted to IESE Business School- perfectly suited to my entrepreneurial aspirations in the future.Family Business, Leading Consumer Services Conglomerate

School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University; Fletcher School of Public Policy, Tufts University

While I was exploring for Masters, a friend of mine recommended Neha. When I went in for an initial consult, I was leaning on the lines of Masters of Economics and told her about my career aspirations. Her first reaction was, ‘Are you sure? It’s not going to take you anywhere’. While I had spoken to other counselors, her sheer honesty made me think and talk to people in the industry. It was for this straightforward response that I knew I had to work with her. While the other counselors always tried to sell themselves, Neha cared to steer me in the right direction rather than just getting me to enroll. If you want your career to be pioneered in the right direction, I would suggest working with Neha.

Neha takes the effort to understand you and your story well and comes up with a great strategy. Her ideas are brilliant. I think it is needless to say that she gives the essays a wonderful touch. Had it not been for her, I would not have been able to secure an admission in a prestigious school like Fletcher or Georgetown. I’m very happy with my decision to work with Neha and the Seven Hats Consulting. Thanks!Family Business, Real Estate

SIPA, Columbia University;Fletcher School; SAIS, John Hopkins; School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

Neha has an in depth understanding of what admissions officers are looking for in prospective students. Right from the outset, she took a strategic and meaningful approach to help me construct my essays. Her guidance and detailed feedback enabled me to explain my story and purpose for applying to graduate school with greater clarity. She identified areas of my personal statement where I lacked focus and suggested great ideas for how I could tighten those paragraphs. The final product, thanks to Neha, looked dramatically different (and improved upon) than previous versions. Id recommend any prospective student to reach out to her-she can help you select the right program and provide excellent editing and reviewing support to strengthen the quality of your essays. I have been accepted at all the graduate schools I applied to and I couldn’t have done it without Neha’s help!


A simple Google search of “How to get into an elite MBA program” gave me more than 15 million results. There is so much information available that one wonders what to start with, what will work, what won’t, etc. That’s where Seven Hats comes in, partnering your journey from evaluating the best MBA program to getting in! With it’s unique methodology focused on introspection, brainstorming, digging deeper into your experiences and one-to-one sessions (not restricted by number of hours!), I not only got into my target B-school, but also got the opportunity to take a step back and get deeper insights into my strengths and weaknesses.

Interacting with Neha has been a fantastic experience. From the questions she asks to know your story, to the tailored mock interviews, I couldn’t have asked for a better coach than Neha to guide me throughout the application process. I would highly recommend Seven Hats to anyone wanting to pursue higher education!”Family Business Director & Start-up Founder

Babson MBA

Working with Neha and Seven Hats, was more than just consultation for me, it was a journey of transformation!

After having considered counselors over UAE, India and the US, Neha’s enthusiasm of making the person reach their career goals without any hint of compromise just came through. The Seven Hats Model was something that appealed to me a great deal; a very comprehensive process of “finding my story”, “digging out the devil from the details” and “finding the right fit” is just the beginning. Brainstorming ideas for each essay of every university to having a reassuring conversation with you before your interview, Neha will be there throughout to bring out the best in you.

I believe any organisation is a byproduct of the owner’s vision and personality; Seven Hats is fun yet impactful and conventional  yet fresh. I wish for the organisation and team to keep growing each day and changing lives!

I am glad to have connected with Neha and would like to thank her for playing such a huge part in carving my journey. Hope to make her proud in the future and give back to/ be affiliated with the organisation in whatever way possible 🙂Family Business Director

HEC, Paris

It was a great experience working with Neha. More that helping me grasp a thorough outlook of the business school application process she enabled me to get a wider context for understanding the career options that align with my intrinsic passions and interests. The biggest learning I have had working with her is to always assess the larger impact and contribution of one’s efforts towards the institution/individual that he/she works for. Perhaps, this is a learning that I used in drafting my application essays and I shall certainly use it in future as well. Thanks Neha for assisting and mentoring me throughout this daunting task of applying to business schools, which eventually turned out to be a self-discovery exercise for myself. Cheers!!Financial Services

Cornell Johnson, CMU Tepper, UT Austin

I joined Neha with the primary intention of getting some guidance on writing essays, which form an important part of the MBA Application. However, very soon after I joined Neha, I realised that in addition to helping with essay writing, Neha brings so much more to the table.

Neha provided me with a customised application strategy. She conducted several sessions to understand me and my goals and analyse all my experiences in order to suggest the business schools that would be best suited for me. She even connected me to students and alumni from so many of the top business schools in the US. These interactions provided a new perspective on various MBA Programs and helped me decide on which business schools I should apply to.

Neha is a great listener. She allows you to talk through your professional goals and aspirations and then guides you on how to pen them down. Right from helping you brainstorm on essays to fine tuning them and structuring them for impact – Neha constantly pushes you to bring out the best in yourself. When I look back at the first business school essay that I wrote and then look at the final product that I submitted as a part of my application, I can clearly see the kind of improvement that Neha has been able to bring about in my writing skills.

In addition to essays and applications, Neha helped me fine tune my resume, prepped me for interviews and provided me access to a lot of reading material that helped enhance my knowledge on various subjects – in a nutshell, Neha not only guides through the application process but also helps improve the overall package that you have to offer.

While Neha is extremely professional, she is also very friendly and easily approachable. She is always available and prompt in answering any queries. It was a pleasure working with her. I strongly recommend Neha to everyone looking for any kind of guidance through the application process.Business Development Manager


The whole process of an MBA application, which Indians fear the most, was made a cake walk by Neha. Right from the day we met for the first time, I had the confidence that I have made a right choice, and that, I will be able to get in my dream school. Right from the start I realized that we both share the common goals, and that she dint make this process mechanical as other consultants do. I found her consultancy structured, where she gave ample amount of time understanding me and my needs, prepared a list of dream schools for me and guided me at every step in the initial process.

The entire Seven Hats process is unique and has been developed very thoughtfully by Neha. Once we started working on the applications, she pushed me to follow deadlines, and we would work at odd hours to get the applications rolling. The endless edits, the long grilling writing sessions and ‘Whats your story’ question made me always think out of the box. Even though I don’t reside in Mumbai, she would always be available to carry out mock interviews, which I think play a very crucial part in the application process. She simply knows how to crack a school, and her last moment tips and suggestions really helped me to face the admission committee.

I believed in her, and thats how I was able to get wait listed at Insead, secure admissions at Essec & Esade, and get interview calls from IE, ISB & Cambridge (which is a hit rate of 6 of 7 the schools I had applied to !!). I owe a lot to her, and I am proud to have been associated with Seven Hats. Hats off to her !Family Business Director

ESSEC Global MBA & SDA Bocconi’s MBA Luxury Business Management

“I wish I had started working with Neha and 7 Hats much before I actually did! The entire process and the 7 Hats philosophy is not just about filling up the application and writing essays for graduate school. Neha works with you from the beginning, understands your point of view and your story and helps you think about what you really want. Thats the most difficult part because thinking about a school that is not just a top-ranked institution, but one that would be the right fit for your personality and for your future, takes time and effort and that is where Neha has helped the most. She has been a huge support for the past year, was very flexible with my work schedule and since she has worked with so many people, she knew students and alumni from different schools, which was a huge help. She not only helped me with my applications but also with mock interviews and preparations till the very end, being extremely patient with me as a tough candidate to work with!
Its all thanks to her hard work that I got into SDA Bocconi ‘s MBA in Milan!

Great experience overall, just be prepared to give yourself and the process the time they deserve.

Seven thumbs up to Neha!  🙂 “Coca Cola

ESSEC Global MBA & SDA Bocconi’s MBA Luxury Business Management

Neha has been extremely helpful  throughout my application process.Her extensive knowledge about MBA programs in USA and Europe have helped me take the right career decision and choose a school apt for my profile. Her creative writing style has helped me tell my career story well and I got accepted into the MBA school of my choice. I would definitely recommend Neha to anyone who is looking to apply for an MBA program as she will definitely lead you to the right track.Gucci

Hult Business School, International University of Monaco’s MBA in Entrepreneurship

In a line I would describe Neha as a lantern in the dark. I went to her at an uncertain stage of my career where she guided me not only as a mentor but also as a friend. She helped me throughout my applications with a smile. When I went to her I was unclear about what I wanted to do, which course I wanted to pursue, which country to go to, etc but she helped me and put everything in order for me in just a few meetings. I give her a lot of credit for my admission in a prestigious university which I’m proud to be a part of today. I thank her with all my heart and wish her all the best in her career.Fashion Start-up