Seven Hats Consulting: Helping Dreams become a Reality

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Seven Hats Consulting: Helping Dreams become a Reality

The number of students going abroad today has increased dramatically. Students now look into foreign universities a lot more for their higher education. Getting into a college abroad is not an easy task. More than the regular procedures and processes involved, the big emphasis today is on helping curating the right long-term career and academic paths, in accordance with a person’s core essence. That is where Seven Hats really focuses. The firm motivates students to open up, meet people and get ideas from people all over the world. The more the exposure, the better a student gets. This unwavering commitment to mentoring and self-development is what drives the firm do well. Being mentors to students who are seeking professional help for higher education is what the firm stands for. “I have had some very exceptional mentors and I wanted the same for the students in India too,” says Neha Kamani Sundesha, CEO,Seven Hats.

Today there might be a lack of a genuine mentorship in the Indian educational market. Students don’t easily find someone with the right inspiration or feedback loop to constantly evolve through. This is one major area where Seven Hats has set a benchmark for the industry. The passion of the firm to personally coach each of their candidates is what helps them send students to business schools in a different way.

The organization is largely spearheaded and driven by the vision of Miss Neha, an alum of two Ivy League Universities, the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia Business School. This is perhaps where the secret sauce lies. Neha comes from a strong belief in preparing the next generation to shape the contours of the future. And passionately guides students to help them with ideas and get them connected to the world. “We are proud of being personal and professional coaches. We are not regular education consultancies.”

Even with a 100 percent track record, the firm still customizes the process for each candidate. Nothing is cookie cutter about Seven Hats. “It is part therapy, part self-reflection, part coaching and lots and lots of hard work.” Students are asked about their upbringings so that they can be assessed accordingly. “It is a very personal. We don\’t just get students into good schools we change their lives,” Miss Neha, CEO of the firm.

Administrative people are also provided to handle the passport and visa procedure of the students. That process actually is the least important, according to the firm. The firm doesn’t just educate and get students into good schools. It engages itself with their life-long learning process. Their philosophy to make a difference in people’s lives is what has prompted their alumni to call themselves Seven Hatters. These are a bunch of students, all across the globe, having all been placed by the same firm under the same principles. Once the coaching, consulting and passport processes are done, students get placed accordingly. Most end up in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Their alumni achievements are also worth a write because of the names they are associated with. Harvard, Columbia, Wharton, Kellogg, UCLA, Berkley, Cambridge, ISB, over 40 universities across the world today host Seven Hatters, doing very well. The firm also helps students who are not very financially strong, connect with student loan agencies.

The firm has big and ambitious plans of transforming the landscape of educational philosophy. It is already gone beyond the borders of India and is working with students all the way from New York to Singapore. It wants to focus more on adult learners, second career women, and early learning so children can grow with strong creative mindsets. Seven Hats, is an organization that thrives to become messengers of quality higher education. They look for colleges which breeds students who are prepared to move the world in different directions. And they say they are not interested in the short-term. But in the big picture and in extracting the long-term potential of a person.


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