Seven Hats consulting provides a comprehensive set of services catering to students at all levels as well as professionals:


 We only work with a handful of undergraduates every year and are very selective in those we engage with. There will be no handholding, but a lot of creative challenges and hoops we will need you to jump through. We do not help with SAT, ACT, or do any psychometric assessment tests, and do not as a matter of principle believe in mapping kids in grids and blocks based on algorithmic quizzes. We will not be process managers, but creative provocateurs. We don’t want only straight A valedictorians but those who have the audacity and dream to truly wish to change the world with their words, ideas, imagination and experiments.


Welcome to the MBA where everything you thought you knew will change, where life and opportunities will come knocking down your door before you have the chance to ask ‘who is there’? We love the MBA. But there are no short cuts. No simple formulae. No one who can game it. It’s a search, an introspection, a beautiful process combining everything academic, professional, personal. A slow discovery of your story. And when you find it, believe me it stays forever. We don’t just get you into school. We don’t let you get trapped in terms like ‘HWS’ and ‘M7’. We help you grab this journey by its horns. And ensure when you’re done, you’re just getting started. Because everyone who has worked with us has the obligation, the passion to change everything. And if we haven’t empowered you to do that we haven’t done our job. Welcome to the 7MBA.


This program focuses on all Graduate programs be it in the Humanities, Finance or Engineering. Most students going to Masters programs have a very specific career goal or professional developmental needs. Our team charts out a very specific 4 to 5 year plan for you and works with you closely through the entire application process as well as a post-admission plan so you can be prepared for Graduate school and make the most of it.


A mentorship platform for career-switchers, those looking for expansion of perspective or growth in the same role, and an Entrepreneurs Sounding Board! Brainstorm your ideas, and allow us to help you build a structured roadmap and vision framework for your future intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial aspirations.

Business and Leadership Consulting

Designed for leaders within small and medium-sized businesses to assess how they are performing, and what they can do to run their business more efficiently. As an organization grows, a leader must grow. And we help map both paths out for you.”

Roundtable Coffee Chats

Candid conversations with Professors, Students and Leaders to break cemented notions of preparation, planning and success, and learn more about universities, businesses and personal development



The 7-Peep Into College

A preparatory 3 month workshop to expand the canvas of middle and high-schoolers to get them ready for College



The What is it Anyway Series?

Undergraduate, Masters, MBA, Career Changes


The Who Am I Series?

Creative workshops to help bring out the latent best in you


Resume Workshops

What is a good resume? Discover a the perfect tool to a new career or a career shift.

Seven Hats Founder Neha Kamani Sundesha

speaks to parents and teachers