Neha Kamani Sundesha,

Founder & CEO


I started Seven Hats in 2012, as a platform to coach mid-career professionals discover a more intuitive path to leadership and professional development. Since then, I have worked with close to 500+ professionals from around the world, from New York to Hongkong, and fields as diverse as Private Equity investors to entrepreneurs and creative artists, to help them achieve their educational and professional goals. I genuinely believe, creativity and out of the box thinking lies latent in everyone and is the key to success in all pursuits. I genuinely believe we all get too caught up in the race. And I also believe those who are most suceesful in the long-run have been able to step aside, introspect, and view themselves and the world more holistically than a series of milestones. I find some of our greatest learnings come from engaging in art and travel, learning new languages, stepping into uncomfortable cultural experiences, and taking tough life and leadership decisions. Our candidates get into amazing schools, and next-step career changes of their choice. But mindfully. Consciously. Always with their eyes on something a lot bigger. Always with the Seventh Hat.


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